Youth Senate

Sophomores - Seniors

The Youth Senate is made up of high school aged youth from across the Diocese of Tulsa.  The Youth Senate's purpose is to meet a number of times per year to plan, promote, and put on youth ministry events within the Diocese.  These meetings also provide Youth Senators an occasion to communicate to the diocese the youth ministry needs of their communities.  This is a great leadership opportunity to help the youth to practice the skills and spirituality they need in order to work together to evangelize their peers. 

Youth Senators also are involved in planning, preparing, scheduling, performing, marketing, and every other aspect of the annual Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference (DCYC) for high school students and the annual Junior High Catholic Youth Conference (JCYC) for those in 6th - 8th grade.

At present, every parish and/or Catholic high school within the Diocese of Tulsa is allowed two teens to represent their institution on the Youth Senate.  The high school students must have completed their freshman year.  In order to apply, each prospective Senator must fill out the application and submit one letter of recommendation from your pastor/chaplain AND a second letter of recommendation from your youth director/campus minister, DRE, or catechist.  The students must also be able to meet all of the commitments necessary for participation in the Youth Senate.  

Application and letters of recommendation are due annually no later than June 30


Youth Senate Application