Holy Week in Rome Pilgrimage

Ages 16-29 & Chaperones

Youth, college students, and young adults from the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma have the opportunity of a lifetime. A group of pilgrims will travel to Rome and celebrate the liturgies of Holy Week with His Holiness, Pope Francis, for Holy Week 2023. Pilgrims will also see the cradle of Western Civilization, exploring the seat of the Ancient Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, and the birthplace of the art, science, and architecture that came with the Renaissance. In addition, pilgrims will walk, crawl, and pray where the Apostles, and even Jesus Christ walked the earth almost 2000 years ago (thanks to Constantine moving WHOLE buildings to Rome from Jerusalem).


Date: We depart (tentatively) from Tulsa International Airport on Friday, March 31, 2023, and arrive back in Tulsa Monday night, April 10, 2023.

Age: To participate in this pilgrimage, you must be at least 16 years old, and at most 29 years old. The only exception to this is parish youth coordinators. 

Many parents, relatives, and other adults have wanted to go on the pilgrimage as well, but unfortunately, this pilgrimage is for those aged 16-29. The Diocese is exploring offering a Holy Week pilgrimage for only adults in the future, so there may be another opportunity.

Cost: We are able to determine the range of the cost at this point, due to uncertainty in airfares. The cost per person will be released fall 2020 including food, land & air transportation, lodging and travel insurance. We recommend participants also have at least 200 Euros for the trip as well. 

Payment Plan (All Payments are NON-Refundable)

  • $500 Deposit
  • $500 September 2021
  • $500 December 2021
  • $500 March 2022
  • $500 June 2022
  • Balance December 2022

Scholarships/Fundraising: Unfortunately, we are unable to do so. 

Single Room Options: Triple or quad accommodations are the best we can do at this point for those going on the trip.  Single rooms are available at an additional fee.   

Excused Absences: The pilgrim is responsible for speaking with their principals, guidance counselors, teachers and/or professors in order to secure school excused absences.

Questions?: Call or email the Youth Office. We would be glad to visit with you!

Registration is still open! For further insight into the Holy Week in Rome Pilgrimage 2023, check out the 2017 recap video